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 [Download] Straight Shootin' With Christian Cage

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Straight Shootin' With Christian Cage

Straight Shootin' With Christian Cage is one of the biggest and most informative shoot interviews ever conducted by Ring Of Honor. The former WWE and current TNA star holds nothing back in giving all the details of his entire career on this DVD.

Christian talks about growing up with the man now known as Edge and their passion for wrestling at a young age. You'll hear all about his training, how he broke into the business and signing with WWE. What did the WWE office first think of Christian? What kind of wrestling did Christian and Edge do in high school? What was training like? Was there ever jealousy between him and Edge?

Christian goes into great detail on his entire WWE career. He talks all about first signing with WWE and his first major angles in the company. From winning the light heavyweight title on his first night to forming The Brood to his first matches against The Hardy Boyz, Christian is an open book in this shoot. Christian discusses his famous TLC matches and what the agents thought of them. How were they put together? What role did Michael Hayes play in them? What did the locker room think of the matches? How much of a toll did they take?

From there Christian talks about his famous catch phrases and comedy with Edge. The shoot covers Christian going into singles action as well as his teams with Lance Storm, Chris Jericho and going into the Alliance. What stuff did Christian like and what gimmick couldn't he get into? What was his relationship with the writers like? What did he think about going into singles action? Where did his famous catch phrases come from?

Christian then goes into his painful injury and missing time before returning as "Captain Charisma." He gives all the inside scoops on his last run in WWE. Christian answers all the questions you want to know from feuding with John Cena to moving to Smackdown to a complete rundown on why he left WWE. Christian confirms and puts to rest rumors and internet reports right here. He also gives his thoughts on the reaction of the fans towards him and if WWE should have pushed him more.

It is impossible to cover all the subjects that Cage talks about in just a brief write up. This is a must for any Christian fan or anyone who wants to know what goes on in WWE. From The Rock to Vince McMahon to Hulk Hogan to ECW One Night Stand to Trish Stratus to The Dudleys to everything in between, Straight Shootin' With Christian Cage is a detailed, straight forward and honest look at his entire career.

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[Download] Straight Shootin' With Christian Cage
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